DEI Packages

DEI Packages

We offer training, consulting, and coaching to help teams:

  Create team connection and alignment WHILE achieving outcomes
  Model trauma-informed learning environments that reduce harm AND don’t shame
 Restore trust and psychological safety
 Transform their organizations at a sustainable human-centered pace


Whether you’re dealing with an internal conflict (or many), recovering from a DEI blunder (or series of them), or just seeking support on this tricky, unforgiving journey––we’re here for you. We know your time and resources are precious, which is why our packages are designed to help you achieve your goals as efficiently, effectively, and affordably as possible.

This is the ideal package for most teams. Whether you’re navigating conflict, in need of overall direction, or just looking for ongoing expert support to resource your in-house DEI leads––this flexible, accessible package offers the asynchronous learning and hands-on guidance necessary for real change to occur. 

Our DEI Accelerator package includes four foundational trainings, monthly coaching sessions, and vision and strategy development for your entire organization. 

Here’s what’s Included:

  • 75-minutes of recorded video lessons (available on an app for people on the go)
  • 6 Trainings including: Allyship & Advocacy, DEI Terminology, Identity & Power, Communicating Across Differences, Cultivating Common Language, Identifying Non-inclusive behaviors, 
  • Workbook PDFs with supplemental activities
  • Monthly LIVE practice sessions – every month, we offer 1.5 hour practice sessions that anybody in your org can sign up for, where we will practice one of the key areas introduced in the workshops.
  • Bi-monthly LIVE advising via open office hours with our Principal Consultant
  • Guided outlines for two strategic working sessions (with guided video support)
  • Preliminary brainstorming of action items for how to carry your vision forward

Similar to the Accelerator, this package offers a blend of training and consulting––but in this case, all are delivered live by our senior consultants, and woven in a tailored experience for your team.

For teams who are just starting their DEI journey or those who are at a critical inflection point, this package expertly helps teams create cohesion, build skills, and align on a way forward. 

We will work with your team to select the highest priority courses, measure results, design custom discussions that address organizational roadblocks, and co-create alignment to produce a DEI Statement. 

Here’s what’s Included:

  • Onboarding and discovery period to learn about you
  • Learning and Development Survey for accurate measurement
  • 2 LIVE Training + 2 CUSTOM sessions for a total of 4 workshops including both knowledge acquisition and skills practice
  • 2 LIVE working sessions with expert facilitation to align your team and create a leadership and team-endorsed statement of DEI values
  • Second survey to measure outcomes
  • Bi-weekly alignment calls to flex and adjust as necessary
  • BONUS Advisory hours

This package is for teams with more mature DEI programming. Those who have done the basic groundwork of jumpstarting DEI efforts (e.g. DEI-specific culture assessment, assembled a DEI committee, or have a DEI leader) and identified areas of opportunity for DEI growth.

In this package, we offer strategic direction on action planning to address those areas of opportunity. We also train your DEI champions, leaders, and implementers who are accountable for advancing the work by offering advanced coaching and capacity building. Advising and partnership along the way ensures teams avoid pitfalls, and build initiatives specific to their organization. This package consistently helps to scaffold and sustain DEI work in the long term.

Here’s what’s Included:

  • Onboarding and discovery period to learn about you
  • Inclusive leadership assessment for ALL leaders and DEI champions to create custom coaching goals
  • DEI Ecosystem analysis to create a sustainable structure for the work
  • 3 Action learning working sessions with DEI Champions to design the 2-year DEI Strategic Action Plan 
  • 2 Self-audit guide and process audit analysis to identify biases and enhance equity in processes like Hiring, Performance Management, Board Governance, and more
  • 50 hours of coaching and advising for learning, planning, and implementation

At Hyphens and Spaces, we understand that every organization has its distinct diversity and inclusion challenges. That’s why we offer custom packages that seamlessly combine our expert advisory services and specialized DEI workshops.

We start by conducting a brief assessment to gain a deep understanding of your organization’s unique DEI requirements. This assessment guides us in carefully selecting advisory services and DEI workshops from our extensive portfolio, ensuring they align perfectly with your specific needs and goals.

We believe in transparency, and our pricing is straightforward and clear, respecting your budget considerations. Throughout our collaboration, we maintain an open line of communication, working closely with your team to keep our custom package in sync with your evolving DEI priorities.

Together, we embark on a journey towards creating a more inclusive and equitable future for your organization, one that celebrates diversity, fosters equity, and embraces inclusion at its core.

To learn more about our custom services and approach click here or book a call now!

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