DEI Leadership Coaching

Our organizational mission is to build inclusive cultures that make companies better places to work. We achieve this by offering comprehensive, wraparound DEI services, including individual and group coaching. Our foundational DEI programming and complementary services, like coaching, are science-backed and highly customized. Our goal is to utilize the highest yield, evidence-based interventions to facilitate significant change at all levels of an organization. 

Group and individual coaching

DEI Coaching

Each program offers both group and individual coaching. Group coaching occurs in a cohort that may include senior leaders, employee resource groups, DEI Committees, and boards, among other groups. Individual coaching is another important part of the coaching program. 

Leaders will benefit from highly individualized, 1-1 sessions with a coach both to expedite the change process and/or to address a particularly complex issue for the leader.

We help develop leaders to give actionable feedback, approach difficult conversations, and practice self-awareness. Hyphens and Spaces coaches reinforce learning and development efforts by helping every leader unlock their best selves.

Coaching Framework

DEI leadership Coaching

We believe that science + deep work + connection builds great teams. The personal always informs the professional. That’s why excellent work flows from organizations with open, honest, and inclusive team dynamics. 

We use a three-step, evidence based coaching process for facilitating individual and small group change:

Assess: All coaching begins with a comprehensive assessment. We use validated and reliable scales to measure a variety of key factors, including burnout, resilience, physiology, and stage of change. We administer a science informed 360-assessment to gather feedback from colleagues on the cochee’s strengths and opportunities as an inclusive leader. Finally, we conduct an in-depth interview that provides important personal context to inform the process. Our coach drafts a summary of findings and explores findings with the coachee.  

Plan: The next step is to make a plan for change. Coaches and coachees review findings from the assessment, identifying the most important areas for growth. After both individual and group goals are developed, the coaches will outlines behavioral skills the coachees must learn and implement to meet those goals. 

Practice: It’s now time to put the plan into action. Coaches will teach coachees evidence-based skills to build collaborative, inclusive teams. The coachees will then practice these skills real-time with the coaches through role-playing and video review. Following, the coachees can then take these skills and utilize them with their team.  

Refine: We plan for mistakes because mistakes are part of the learning process. An coachee may have effectively learned a skill, practiced it, and implemented it with their team. Yet, that coachee may feel stuck on how to generalize that learning when they communicate to senior leadership. Our coaches would then engage in refined coaching to support the coachee as they learn how to generalize their new skills to different settings and cultures. 

Our programs combine best practices from the science on behavior change with a deep dive into each client’s worldview. We teach essential skills for equitable engagement across identity differences enabling participants to lead powerfully in their environments. 

We coach leaders and DEI champions

We coach leaders and DEI champions to hold space for multiple points of view while supporting alignment, accountability, and healing for themselves and their teams. Creating space for each of these elements empowers courageous and conscious communication between the leader, their team, and their end users.

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