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About Us – Hyphens and Spaces

Message from the founders

We are Yusef Ramelize and Samira Abdul-Karim, a couple from New York City with a commitment to creating a more just world, and unwavering hope in humanity’s collective ability to achieve it. Our approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? work is influenced by our identities as Black Muslim American professionals. Each of those identities, when isolated, connects us to billions of people. When they are held together they form unique intersectional perspectives that have influenced nearly every aspect of our lived experience.

We appreciate each of our identity factors for how they’ve helped shape who we are. We believe each person should also have that space to demonstrate how their identity has shaped them without feeling the need to hide or mute it. When organizations successfully tap into both the connection and uniqueness that each individual brings their impact and output can increase exponentially.

Samira is thoughtful, inviting, direct, and process-focused. Samira has helped thousands of people with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work and holds a master’s degree in Social Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Yusef is creative, energetic, perseverant, and outcomes-focused. Yusef has worked in many sectors of the design and communications field and holds a master’s degree in Strategic Communications & Design also from Columbia University.

Combined we have over 25 years of experience and are applying our skills and experience to our passion for uplifting the marginalized in society. We are motivated by the drive to make sure our daughter can experience a world where her value is unquestioned and voice is celebrated. By implementing sustainable and meaningful change in social cause organizations we hope to enable others toward that future for their children as well.

?Lots of Love,
Samira & Yusef

The Team

Abdul-Qawiy Abdul-Karim
Senior Consultant & Facilitator
Measured, thorough, committed. Master facilitator, curriculum writer, and program developer, Abdul-Qawiy is a career educator. He has partnered with notable public, private, and nonprofit organizations creating programs that have reached thousands in the NYC and DC areas. Abdul-Qawiy works with clients at all professional and personal levels, specializing in team development, direct service programs, and young adult education. Abdul-Qawiy holds a (MPA) in Public Administration from Baruch College in NYC.
Nathalie de Los Angeles Hodge
Senior Consultant & Strategist

Adaptable, curious, diligent. Nathalie is a strategic thinker who positions organizations to think and perform “beyond what is thought possible” while centering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). For more than a decade, she has successfully designed, implemented, evaluated, and scaled portfolios, managing contracts ranging from $1.7M to $10M. Nathalie is passionate about developing customized programs and has been a leader in workforce and leadership development. Nathalie holds a (MSW) in Social Enterprise Administration from Columbia University.
Dr. Cammy Froude
Senior Consultant & Coach
Empathetic, frank, intuitive. Cammy is a fellowship-trained medical family therapist who takes a cultural competency and strengths-based approach to coaching and human development. She has built and facilitated a behavioral health curriculum and trained dozens of therapists in cultural-competent techniques. Cammy earned a doctoral degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Connecticut and a postdoctoral fellowship in Medical Family Therapy from the University of Colorado.
Samira Abdul-Karim
Co-founder & Principal

Warm, thoughtful, balanced. Samira’s work focuses on increasing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), developing organizations, and facilitating challenging conversations for personal or professional growth. She is an Organizational Psychologist, consultant, facilitator, and coach. Through designing programs, initiatives, training, and coaching, she has helped thousands of people build more inclusive teams, organizational cultures, and communities. Samira holds a Master’s degree in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.
Fatima Ashraf
Senior Consultant & Strategist

Passionate, decisive, conscientious. Fatima has nearly twenty years of experience in government, non-profit, academia, philanthropy, and community organizing. Fatima’s issue areas of expertise are public health and the criminal legal system. She is a skilled writer, negotiator, and good with numbers. Fatima believes deeply in dismantling, transforming, and rebuilding systems over reforming them. Fatima holds a (MPH) Master of Public Health from the University of Michigan.

Yusef Ramelize
Co-founder & CCO

Compassionate, detailed, sincere. Yusef has nearly twenty years of design and communications experience. He is skilled at managing workflow, client relationships, and strategic branding. Yusef has passion for making information and resources available to all. Yusef is also the founder and project director of Homeless For One Week, an initiative that raises awareness about homelessness in NYC. He is an award-winning designer who holds an Executive (MS) in Strategic Communications from Columbia University and a (BFA) in Electronic Design & Multimedia.
Ibrahim Abdul-Matin
Senior Consultant & Facilitator

Playful, prolific, patient. Ibrahim has over twenty years of experience in community organizing, government, and consulting.  Ibrahim’s issue areas of expertise are environmental justice and climate adaptation. He is a skilled public speaker, mediator, and committed poet. Ibrahim deeply believes that scarcity is fiction and that the planet’s abundance is more than enough for us all. Ibrahim holds a (MPA) in Public Administration from Baruch College in New York City.
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